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The Company

Success Stories

INTRACOM ARMENIA has successfully developed GSM Network based on turn-key solution for VivaCell, the national largest mobile operator in Armenia, including:

  • Base Stations (Civil construction and Telecom installation)
  • BSCs and MSC deployment
  • Transmission Network deployment (PDH & SDH)
  • Network Management System Deployment
Major Projects

Customer Project Name Year
K-Telecom GSM network 2005-2008
ArmenTel Installation of GSM infrastructure 2006-2007
ArmenTel Prepaid services for GSM Network 2006-2007
ArmenTel Installation and maintenance of public exchanges 2006-2008
K-Telecom Network Expansion 2.5G 2008-2009
Tellabs / Orange Armenia Site Survey, Installation and Commissioning Services 2009
Icon WiMAX Equipment Telecom Installation 2009
Orange Armenia GSM Network Construction 2009
Huawei VivaCell 3G Expansion Phase II 2009
Huawei VivaCell 3G Expansion Phase III 2010
Huawei VivaCell 4G Deployment 2010
Ericsson VivaCell 4G Deployment 2010
Staff Certificates
Sandvine  (SV-COM) Comprehensive Operations & Maintenance 
 (PTSICO) PTS Installation & Configuration and Operation
Tellabs Tellabs 8600 Hardware Deployment Professional Certification
Molex Molex Premise Networks Certified Installer
EUROCOM Installation testing E4.02
Telecom Platform LZU 107 340
AXE 10, Survey LZU 108 775
AXE, O&M Platform LZU 108 1451
AXE, Operation Handling LZU 108 1452
AXE 10, Operation and maintenance APZ 212 LZU 108 463
AXE 10, IOG 20 Advanced LZU 108 05
Local 7 / Translocal, Delta Course LZU 108 795
AXE, Hardware Maintenance LZU 108 1453
AXE 10, Testing 2 LZU 108 412
Siemens EWSD System Introduction and Handling - SN2010
EWSD Standard Maintenance Tasks - SN2012
EWSD Standard Operation Tasks - SN2013
EWSD Installation of Exchange Equipment - SN1161
EWSD System Commissioning - SN1162
OAM Specialist for the Siemens System EWSD
System Operation, Administration and Maintenance, 1150
Extended System Operation, Administration and Maintenance 1159
Common Channel Signaling System CCS7 SN1001
Alcatel Network administration training course
Alcatel-Lucent GPRS QoS Sequence
ITU Introduction to PLANITU